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     Ms. Harvey McDaniel is a Human and Civil Rights Advocate and Activist who is a recognized voice when speaking about LGBTQ issues in Alabama. She uses her voice to raise awareness of discrimination against Gender and Sexual Minorities, especially within the transgender community. She is also Co-Founder of the Bayard Rustin Community Center in Montgomery and serves as Educational Outreach Director for Montgomery PRIDE United. Her past projects include speaking on behalf of the North Alabama Coalition for the Homeless about the importance of the acceptance and inclusion of transgender persons in Homeless Shelters, addressing the lack of Health Care for transgender persons with the Medical Profession, and working as an Interfaith Minister striving for representation and inclusion in religious doctrine. She has spoken at many public events, was a scheduled speaker advocating for LGBTQ foster parenting and adoptive rights before the Alabama Senate Health Committee, and was recognized and honored in HRC Alabama’s Celebration of LGBTQ History Month in October 2016.

     “ HRC Alabama would like to celebrate #LGBTQHistoryMonth by honoring Harvey McDaniel. Miss Harvey is a known human and civil rights activist for the LGBTQ community! Miss Harvey McDaniel is an instrumental force in the Huntsville community, advocating for equal rights for all, not some. She believes that President Obama's bathroom guidelines are a step in the right direction but she will continue to fight until the U.S. reaches equality for all. "We're no different than anyone else. We're your fathers, your daughters, your cousins, aunts, and uncles,” McDaniel said.” Thank you for your hard work, it definitely does not go by unnoticed! #LGBTQHistoryMonth #LGBTQAlabama

     She has represented the LGBTQ community as a regular speaker at political rallies and PRIDE events, has addressed classes of multicultural Fulbright students at ASU about the struggles LGBTQ persons in Alabama face, and has addressed LGBTQ issues with the media many times. She and her wife Meta Ellis were awarded the 2018 Billy Jack Gaither Humanitarian Award in March 2018 at the 20th annual Vigil for Victims of Hate and Violence on the steps of the Alabama State House. The vigil was held for those who have lost their lives to bias-motivated violence based on their sexual orientation or gender identity and the award recognizes exceptional work done advocating for human rights. She is also the first transgender person to address two Alabama state conferences - the 2017 Alabama Coalition for the Homeless annual conference sponsored by HUD, and the 37th annual Conference on Aging sponsored by the Alabama Gerontological Society in April 2018. Ms. Harvey currently works within the Mental Health Counseling and Social Workers community in addressing issues which affect the LGBTQ community and advocating for transgender rights.

Ms. Harvey McDaniel

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