The  Bayard Rustin Community Center hosts the programs and services offered by Montgomery PRIDE United.

Let’s join together for a UNITED stand against discrimination!

Montgomery Pride United

Programs and Services

       Montgomery PRIDE is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization which serves as an umbrella organization uniting the PRIDE forces of Montgomery and the surrounding areas in order to more effectively strive for equality for all under the law in Alabama.

    Services and programs offered through Montgomery PRIDE United include youth programs, the Little Free Pantry, civic engagement, advocacy and activism, transgender and gender non-conforming empowerment, LGBTQ activities and events, LGBTQ People of Color Empowerment, representation in churches and schools, sexual health awareness, senior services, and much more.

     Through Montgomery PRIDE United’s programs, we engage in community outreach, provide resources for educating others about LGBTQ issues, provide a safe space to socialize and provide meeting space for Community Involvement projects.

Youth Programs - Programs serve children and youth of all ages, and encompass a broad range of focus areas including academic support, mentoring, youth development, arts, social engagement, and more.

The Little Free Pantry was created by Rose Falvey - one of the driving forces and past Presidents of Montgomery PRIDE United - so that homeless persons and others in need could take food and needed hygiene supplies from the pantry at any time without having to face the embarrassment that some have when asking for help. It is resupplied by donations from volunteers who personally restock items that are needed for survival on the street and is one of the services that Montgomery PRIDE United provides to the community.

Civic Engagement- We are proud members of the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce and have spoken numerous times on panels for various committees and with the media addressing LGBTQ struggles and issues.

Advocacy and Activism - Our members regularly represent the LGBTQ community when human and civil rights are being threatened and are a recognized force when speaking on issues involving our community. Members have been scheduled speakers before the Alabama Senate Health Committee addressing LGBTQ rights and are regular speakers on LGBTQ issues throughout the State.

Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Empowerment - Support groups are led by transgender or gender non-conforming individuals and many volunteers and leaders in our organization identify as such. Montgomery PRIDE United utilizes available services helping transgender and gender non-conforming persons find the resources needed for housing, food, legal representation, medical referral, employment, and more. Transgender members of Montgomery PRIDE United have spoken at two Alabama State Conferences - one addressing agencies that provide shelters for the homeless in Alabama and their legal requirements for  accommodating transgender persons in their shelters - and the other addressing Mental Health Counselors and Social Workers about their responsibilities to be Culturally Competent in serving their LGBTQ patients or clients. Both presentations were the first of their kind addressing LGBTQ issues on a Statewide platform in Alabama to be presented by transgender and gender non-conforming


LGBTQ Activities and Events - Montgomery PRIDE United hosts several events each month at the Bayard Rustin Community Center such as LGBTQ Movie Night; Senior Game Night; BIG GAY Yard Sale, Volunteer Work Days, fundraisers at local restaurants, potluck dinners, Holiday dinners, PRIDE planning meetings, and more. Our youth activities include bowling and art programs.

LGBTQ People of Color Empowerment - “Other Voices” is one of the most dynamic groups that meet at the community center monthly. Led and attended by People of Color, their meetings address issues which affect LGBTQ People of Color and provides a safe space for many to voice their concerns.

Representation in Churches and Schools- Montgomery has over 20 churches that welcome and accept the LGBTQ community. Several local ministers are very active in supporting Montgomery PRIDE United, and members of our organization are regular speakers at many religious services and events. We have also addressed the Montgomery County Public Schools Special Programs Department about the resources available to students who are LGBTQ and are being bullied in the School system.

Sexual Health Awareness
- Information on HIV and available testing sites, information on having safe sex, resources for Women’s Reproductive Health, a listing of HRT related doctors and facilities, condoms, and other brochures are available at the Bayard Rustin Community Center. Condoms and women’s hygiene products are also offered free of charge through the Little Free Pantry program.

Senior Services - Montgomery PRIDE United helps seniors and other disadvantaged persons find the resources and assistance many need when applying for Social Security Benefits and other assistance programs. Members of Montgomery PRIDE United spoke in April 2018 at the 37th Annual Aging Conference of the Alabama Gerontological Society about aging and senior LGBTQ issues.

The Bayard Rustin Community Center's first location at 2015 E Third St Montgomery, AL opened their doors January 16th, 2017 on Martin Luther King Jr.’s Day of Service when Meta Ellis -the Director of Montgomery PRIDE United - and advocate and activist Ms.Harvey McDaniel joined together and with over 16 volunteers from Montgomery PRIDE United and other nonprofit agencies came together to what was an abandoned daycare center and created a safe space for the LGBTQ Community of Montgomery and the surrounding areas to unite resources, provide services for our community, socialize, and establish a base from which to advocate for the human and civil rights of gender and sexual minorities.

As of October 1, 2018, the Bayard Rustin Community Center has moved to a new location in order to better serve our community. The new location is

635 Madison Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36104.

    Montgomery PRIDE United is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization staffed by volunteers and supported entirely through your contributions and donations.

Montgomery PRIDE United    635 Madison Ave        Montgomery, AL      36104      334-356-2464       

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